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The great Aussie tradition of working abroad still exists

2There are many Australian traditions, but one of the big rites of passage is heading off west and working abroad for a couple of years. London has for decades been the city of choice for young, eager Aussies to sample life outside of the sun, surf and sangers (sandwiches). Granted the numbers have slowed in recent years thanks to the recession, but those who can make it are still coming, and it is certainly an experience for them.

A decade ago there were more bartenders from Sydney in the capital than any other nationality, and Earls Court has long had the nickname of ‘Kangaroo Valley’. There is a long lasting love affair between the UK and Australia, with the populations of both countries citing the other as the country they most want to visit.

There is still a health number of Brits making the long move south, even with the tightened criteria, and more Aussies are making the permanent move to Britain than ever before. Those who are coming here to work for a couple of years are finding it tougher to find jobs, as we all are, and there are now many dedicated companies and agencies who match up Aussies with British jobs posted on their websites.

There are few limits on the kind of job you can do when you take a working sojourn to London. While waiting on tables and tending bars were the jobs of the early 2000’s, you are more likely to find professionals on a secondment or wishing to add a couple of years experience of working in the UK to their CV. Few just turn up now hoping to find a job, the savvy Aussie has one lined up before he sets foot in an Australian departures lounge.

Relaxation and entertainment is completely different in the UK compared to Oz. There isn’t the big outdoor gatherings that are so much a part of the Australian lifestyle for instance, and those living and working in London will not have the space to entertain much either. Luckily, the capital has an amazing choice of recreational activities and there is one that is really catching the imagination of the public.

Everyone loves a London treasure hunt, as one around the capital is something very special. It is also a great way of socialising if you don’t know many people, and many a friendship has been struck up while you ponder over clues. is a terrific website dedicated to treasure hunts in and around the capital and makes it easy to find one that is right up your street.

Get a few of your new work buddies involved and it can also be a real team building exercise as well as great fun. There are the traditional treasure hunts as well those which have a modern twist such as using GPS or through SMS messaging. There is so much to see and do in London when you have finished work but these treasure hunts are brilliant fun whatever your age or gender.


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