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Steve Deeks’ Baring All Down Under a comedic Australian adventure ebook series

Steve Deeks’ ebook series, Baring All Down Under , seeks to debunk the notion that “men don’t read books” through his hysterical no-holds-barred tale of action packed mayhem in Australia.

Depicted as a cross between An Idiot Abroad and The Inbetweeners with its irreverent nature, Deeks’ laugh out loud account in Hilarious Confessions of a Bewildered Backpacker reveals the warts and all reality of this supposed pursuit of pleasure.

Why would any right minded human want to go and live in a hovel having spent a fortune to go to some far flung hell-hole thousands of miles away… Despite his strong dislike of travel, Deeks’ overwhelming desire to escape the status-quo forces his hand and he soon finds himself confronted by wacky individuals, surprising ordeals and numerous obstacles Down Under. After somehow landing a journalist job in Sydney, he is then launched into the thick of the action, whether hunting down stories on celebrities or gang shootings. Despite his intention to return home after his struggles in Australia, Deeks is persuaded to go on one final hurrah in his follow-up book, The East Coast Road Trip, where he embarks on yet another hilarious adventure. Whether tensely stranded on a boat with easily offended Germans in the Great Barrier Reef or unknowingly snorkelling in shark infested waters, things rarely go to plan as the gang parties down the country while struggling to avoid trouble.

Steve Deeks is a freelance journalist and writer, currently living in Bournemouth. During his time in Australia, Deeks was able to break a number of leading national stories whilst working in Sydney. Baring All Down Under is his debut foray into comedic writing. Steve  is now available to interview about  Baring All Down Under , and copies of his ebook are available for review – either as PDF/epub, or via NetGalley.

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