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Europeans and Brits Who Struck It Rich In Australia’s Outback

Who hasn’t dreamed about bagging a Lotto Jackpot? However, in the pre-Lotto & Euromillions era of the Sixties, it was a Football Pools win that everyone desired… but a group of people who had emigrated to Australia, did more than just dream, they acted upon their wishes and some became Opal millionaires.

The opal miners are dubbed by author, JD Waterhouse, as DREAM HUNTERS and his novel of the same name has just been released to great acclaim. The Author is a Londoner who emigrated to Australia in his early 20s. He spent many years in the Outback, prospecting for gold, opal and sapphires. His first-hand experience gives his books their ring of authenticity.


Dream Hunters cover.indd


DREAM HUNTERS follows on from his first book, POMS DOWN UNDER: Emigrating to Australia, in being character-led and full of adventure.

The opal miners featured in DREAM HUNTERS, live in the desert town of Andamooka and regularly witness big strikes that are made by their friends and fellow prospectors. Many of these men – and women – have sold their homes and businesses in the hope of making a big strike and becoming amazingly rich. “Stick four pegs in the ground and start digging, tomorrow you could be a millionaire…” is their constant belief.

DREAM HUNTERS tells the success stories of the lucky ones who did hit it big; leaving the opal field on a wave of euphoria. It also portrays the other side of being an opal miner; the hard luck stories of those who sometimes died trying to find a pay streak. Fans of Discovery Channel’s GOLD RUSH will sympathise with the miners and their relentless quest to strike it rich, many succumbing to “opal fever”; very akin to its gold counterpart.

DREAM HUNTERS is available both as a Paperback and Kindle edition via Amazon.

For more information on JD Waterhouse and his novels:


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