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WWF praise Australian government for marine park plans

WWF praise Australian government for marine park plans

The WWF, or World Wildlife Fund, has congratulated Australia’s Federal Government on finalising both the layout and the boundaries of what will be the largest network of marine parks in the world. The organisation, who specialise in conservation, have also praised the high level of support from the community these move has produced.

The WWF said that this was . . . → Read More: WWF praise Australian government for marine park plans

The national parks of New South Wales

If you are visiting New South Wales then you are going to be able to visit some incredible national parks, where bush walkers and nature lovers will have an incredible time. Australia is a country that is known for its incredible bird life and wildlife, and in these thick forests that can be found in the national parks you will find that there are plenty of . . . → Read More: The national parks of New South Wales

Exploring the oceans of Australasia

The oceans that surround the continent of Australia offers some of the best marine biodiversity spots on the earth and play host to over four thousand different species of fish as well as an uncountable number of plants, invertebrates, and micro-organisms.

In fact, about 80% of the marine life found in Australia does not live anywhere else in the world. Therefore, it is worth it to go . . . → Read More: Exploring the oceans of Australasia

Getting back to nature in Australia

Australia is known as a haven for those who love to have close encounters with exotic animals and plants as both are bountiful across the continent. Due to the fact that the continent was isolated for over 50 million years, many animals and plants were able to develop some grand characteristics while attempting to survive and adapt in a very unique climate.

About 5% of the land . . . → Read More: Getting back to nature in Australia

Discovering Western Australia

Wherever your travels take you to in Australia you are sure to find something interesting, and this is no more true than in Western Australia where there are a huge number of attractions that will appeal to all visitors.

Located right in the north-west of Australia is Kimberley. This area is particularly known for its waterfalls and there are two that are particularly worth visiting. The first . . . → Read More: Discovering Western Australia

adventure holidays in Australia

Australia has plenty of offer those seeking an adventurous holiday due to the fact that it offers plenty of cultures, urban life, historical elements, breathtaking scenery, and, of course, the rugged outback that it is known for. The following are just a few of the many great tourist finds that are located across the country.

Kicking off the list is the Western Australia Maritime Museum that sits . . . → Read More: adventure holidays in Australia

Mildura is a great place to visit in Victoria

Mildura is a popular destination in Australia which is located on the Murray River, which can be found to the north of Victoria. This destination is known for its fishing, citrus fruits and national parks.

The range of different travel destinations in this part of Australia is vast and it can be a great place to come if you are interested in taking a driving holiday. Those . . . → Read More: Mildura is a great place to visit in Victoria

Tamborine National Park

Tamborine National Park is located on the plateau of the Tamborine Mountain and is an area of about 11,60 square km in Queensland about 45km south of the city of Brisbane.

The plateau that the park sits on is about 5km wide and 8km long with a high altitude of 525 metres.  Due to the high elevation of the plateau the park is cool in the summer . . . → Read More: Tamborine National Park

Porongurup National Park

Porongurup National Park is found in Western Australia about 40km from Albany and 360km southeast of Perth.  It is located around the Porongurup range which is a large mountain range that was originally formed about 1200 million years ago.

Today the mountain range is mostly levelled but is still historic in nature although it now only spreads about 15 km from east to west.  Most of the . . . → Read More: Porongurup National Park

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is located in the Northern Territory within the Alligator River region and is about 171km to the northwest of Darwin.

The Kakadu National Park ranges over an area of 4,894,000 acres and has a diameter of about 200km lengthwise and a width of about 100km.  This is comparative to the nation of Israel or about half the size of the country of Switzerland.

Also located . . . → Read More: Kakadu National Park